About Resonance Massage

& Our Philosophy of Wellbeing


Resonance Massage & Bodywork is committed to providing you experienced, compassionate therapists who use diverse modalities to help you on your path of wellness, whether you are maintaining your health or healing. We promote massage as a form of as preventative care and a vital part of improving the health, well-being, and general happiness of individuals and our community.​

Resonance Massage's Philosophy

At Resonance Massage & Bodywork we believe massage is a vital component of preventative health care and helps improve and maintain our health, well-being, and general happiness. It's why there are records of massage being practiced for thousands of years, from China to Egypt to ancient Greece.

Massage is more than a luxury. There are many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to massage, such as:​

  • Release tension

  • Alleviate pain

  • Detox your lymph system

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Improve your flexibility & range of motion

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Improve your circulation

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Improve your sleep

  • Elevate your mood

  • Calm anxiety

  • and more!

As you find harmony and balance in your mind, body, and spirit it begins to resonate with those around you and creates a ripple effect through our entire community.

Resonance Massage & Bodywork's therapists listen with care and empathy so we can truly understand your health concerns and goals. While our extensive experience allows us to offer a broad spectrum of modalities, we are continually expanding our individual and collective body of knowledge. We are also forging connections among a network of other wellness practitioners and medical professionals so we can be sure to address your unique needs and help you resonate with wellness.

"[Resonance Massage & Bodywork is] the best place for rejuvenation and healing. Pete is top in his field. He is a truly gifted healer. He loves what he does and it shows. I highly recommend Resonance if you're in town just visiting or a local. Thank you Pete!"


Los Angeles, CA

About the Name "Resonance Massage"

Resonance in Physics 

is a phenomenon in which an external force or a vibrating system causes another system to vibrate with greater amplitude at a specified frequency.

Resonance in Music 

is the prolonging of a sound at a one frequency and something else vibrating at another frequency after the original sound is removed. It is a sound wave interacting with another, leaving a prolonged impact. Harmony is when an object resonates at different frequencies. And, resonance is the energetic interaction between musicians and audience - when a performer's music resonates with us, they move us and make us feel deeply and when an audience is moved their energy feeds back to the performer. 

Resonance in Human Connection & Community 

is when an object or event stirs something essential in someone or evokes a feeling of shared emotion or belief. It is a connectivity and a sense of place. When we tune in to nature and other human beings, we create understanding and empathy and a merging is created when energy moves back and forth between two or more people. Resonance is being open so as to allow ourselves to connect with another person and find balance within ourselves.

Resonate in Wellness 

means that we are working towards achieving health and balance in all aspects of our being - mind, body, and spirit. Our personal path of wellness is not only creating positive change in our lives; it also causes a shift in the lives of those around us, and that causes a ripple effect in the broader community.

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