Pete has an extensive and diverse community of friends and colleagues who are now joined in our love for Pete and grief at his passing. Pete would want all of us to be mindful during this time - find ways to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Click here for ideas for self-care while grieving.

We ask that you also contribute to the care of his grieving family: his wife, Amber Gurule, and their sons, Quentin (age 5) and Silas (age 3).


Silas and Quentin had the course of their lives changed forever with the senseless murder of their father. Their search for understanding is going to be compounded with intense confusion as they navigate different stages of grief. Life going forward will be challenging for them emotionally and financially. 

Pete Gurulé

Owner & Lead Massage Therapist

July 28, 1980 - January 18, 2021

It is with deep sadness that we share the news about the death of Pete Gurule, owner and lead massage therapist at Resonance Massage & Bodywork. Our beloved Pete Gurule was tragically and violently taken from us on the morning of January 18, 2021.

GoFundMe campaign was started to cover the costs of cremation and memorial services and to provide financial support for his children and wife. No contribution is too small. All is received with deep appreciation and gratitude. If you are not able to contribute, we hope you will share it with your network. If we surpass the goal, all additional funds will go to a tax-advantaged educational savings plan for the boys. You can learn more here.

Pete Gurule was a 7th generation New Mexican, a husband, father, entrepreneur, accomplished healer, music lover and DJ, and a true friend to many. He will be remembered for his kind heart, his generosity and care, and his playful exuberance for life. 


Pete lived his life in pursuit of enlightenment, knowledge, joy, and connection. 

Even at a young age, Pete showed a natural proclivity for healing touch and forming meaningful connections with almost everyone he would meet. Pete saw massage as a means to improve our health, well-being, and general happiness. Throughout his life, he has grown his knowledge of the human body while also expanding his spirituality and his understanding of the world and our connection to the universe.

Pete was a loving father who felt no greater joy than watching his children learn, grow, and thrive. He would tap into his creativity when thinking of new ways to provide the boys with fun learning experiences, such as having a fire truck come by the house or taking the boys to the airport or a cement company to see real-life examples of the toys they loved. He was attentive to their needs, nurtured their natural abilities, celebrated their individuality, and helped them form a supportive brotherly bond.

Pete had an eye for beauty, an ear for music and enjoyed life’s riches. He was part of a community of musicians, DJs and artists, and he rarely missed an opportunity to witness the high art of live performance in his hometown. He adored spontaneous travel and inspired others to join him on the road. 

Music was his first love. Pete dedicated 20 years to his KSFR radio show, the Friday Nite Mixx Fixx,  "for those still tuned in and seeking musical enlightenment heading towards the witching hour or chasing the sunrise." As DJ Phi, he played a wide array of genres for his midnight listenership. His stewardship on the air introduced new artists and music to listeners around the world. He was notorious for giving local DJs their first experience of broadcasting on the radio and was always willing to share his stage, whether it was the airwaves, a restaurant patio, or a desert landscape. He was steadfast and dedicated in support of others following their dreams.

His desire to help others feel better and also to see the benefits of that energy ripple throughout his community - to see us all resonate with wellness in body, heart, mind, and spirit - became the foundation for his business and was at the heart of every interaction he had. 


It was not just his skilled healing touch that allowed him to grow his business; it was his empathetic, welcoming, and accepting nature. He became energized when meeting new people and forging connections among his diverse and broad network. He was a masterful networker and connector because he would compassionately "meet people where they were" and validate their experience while also seeing the best in them. He made you feel seen and heard and he became invested in your success.

We extend our condolences to Pete's dedicated clients. For many of you, your relationship had grown into friendship and we know you are experiencing that deep painful sadness from his death. Find solace in sharing memories of him and losing yourself in good music.


We end this message with a song for Pete and one more request of you: Set aside a moment this weekend to play your favorite songs, loudly, and recall fond memories of Pete while you sing, dance, smile, and cry.

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