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Resonance Massage & Bodywork also partners with other local businesses to deliver treatments to their clientele. Residents at Quail Run Santa Fe utilize our therapists. The Bobcat Inn makes our offsite treatments available to their gusts. And, we accept Cigna Health Insurance, extending access to massage to more members of our community!

Off-Site Massage Therapy Partners

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Health Partners

Resonance Massage & Bodywork is committed the overall health and well-being of all of our clients and everyone in our community. Massage therapy is preventative care,  helping you to maintain good health and well-being. And, integrating massage therapy into your other health and wellness practices can enhance that work and speed up the healing process.

We are continually working to build our network of health and wellness practitioners and medical professionals to ensure you have the support you need on your path of wellness.


Devin Giron

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Temporomandibular joint syndrome and other jaw and tooth pain are connected to many issues throughout the body. We partner with Dr. Devin Giron so his patients can get relief from their pain and our clients can be referred to an amazing dentist.

Dr. Devin Giron is a thirteenth-generation resident of New Mexico. After first working in private practice, Dr. Giron transitioned into a public health role as a general dentist at the Isleta Pueblo Health Center for more than five years. He is happy to have returned to private practice here in Santa Fe, bringing his gentle dentistry and easygoing chair-side manner to all his patients.

Dr. Giron schedules fewer appointments per day in order to give patients his full attention, get to know them and address all their concerns. We like your style, doctor!

Dr George Mandell_Oriental Medicine_Acup

Dr. George Mandel

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Massage and acupuncture are another pair of treatments that work well together, with both treatments enhancing the effectiveness of other. Massage leaves the body relaxed and more receptive, which makes the acupuncture more powerful. The more blockages that acupuncture dissolves helps the body become more relaxed and so a massage therapist can work deeper. 

What an honor it is to partner with Dr. George Mandel in bringing the different body systems back into a harmonious balance. He is a nationally certified practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine and has studied facial rejuvenation at the International Acupuncture Training Center in Beijing, China. He is highly knowledgeable of the many varieties of healing modalities that make up Oriental Medicine, plus he is a trained detoxification specialist and has practiced as a Reiki master for over 20 years. Dr. Mandel encourages his patients to take a pro-active approach to health and wellness and his work provides many benefits, including feelings of peace, security, and well-being.

Melina Martinez, DMD


Melina Martinez works in general dentistry. She consistently receives great reviews from her patients, and in 2018 Vitals.com,  the largest online database of patient reviews for doctors and facilities, awarded her the People's Choice Award recognizing the difference she has made in the lives of her patients. 

Dr. Martinez and her staff don't just reiterate the same clichés we hear from all dentists. Rather, they focus on helping educate their patients and clearly explaining the rational for their suggestions. Her friendly demeanor makes this an enlightening and enjoyable experience. 

As one reviewer said, "Dr. Martinez is thorough, honest and compassionate! Her staff follows in suit, making patients feel valued, involved, important."

More information to come! She is currently developing her practice's website, but you can reach her at 505-983-1312.

Karena McLain

Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced)

Karena McLain and her family have centered their lives around helping others. What a blessing to be able to call her our partner in bringing health and wellness to our community. She is a licensed New Mexico Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced) that used to work as an EMT/firefighter with the Sana Fe Fire Department, along with her husband, who is a Paramedic Firefighter. Their motto: Give back, love more, and serve others.

She left the SFFD to raise her children, but she never stopped being a healer and educator. Karena became an adjunct instructor at the Santa Fe Community College and then she opened CPR Santa Fe. She has spent the past 6 years providing high quality, real-life scenario-based CPR training, A.E.D. Instruction, and First Aid training, and offers classes that are certified by the American Heart Association. She teaches community members, health care students, and those currently working in health care, such emergency responders. Karena is actively helping make our community safer on a day-to-day basis. Plus, she is another proponent of PEMF Vascular Therapy!

Dr. Katy Whitcomb

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

We are proud partners with Dr. Katy Whitcomb, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She is a native Santa Fean who has a deep love for her community, enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with people, and is committed to providing access to care regardless of someone's economic status.


Dr. Whitcomb founded We the People Community Acupuncture (also known as Santa Fe Community Acupuncture.) Her clinic is part of an international cooperative called the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture. They deliver a community-style treatment in a group setting which is traditional in Asia and unique in the States. And, they charge using a non-income-dependent sliding scale ($20-50). Her format allows family, friends, and strangers to find resonance in their shared experience of healing. What a beautiful gift she is giving to Santa Fe!

Phyllis Ewton Houghton

Hummingbird Facial

Phyllis Ewton Houghton at Hummingbird Facial uses a signature Japanese technique, Microcurrent treatment and Microdermabrasion skincare treatments to addresses the skin damage that happens in the high mountain desert. The Microcurrent Facials, which use a wand on specific acupressure points, reverses the visual aging effect of sun damage through hydration and renewing collagen. 

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