Even at a young age, Pete showed a natural proclivity for healing touch and forming meaningful connections with almost everyone he would meet. Throughout his life, he has grown his knowledge of the human body while also expanding his spirituality and his understanding of the world and our connection to the universe. This, combined with his deep love for the land and people of northern New Mexico, is what forms the foundation of Resonance Massage & Bodywork: Pete's desire to help others feel better and also to see the benefits of that energy ripple throughout his community - to see us all resonate with wellness in body, heart, mind, and spirit.

For over 13 years, Pete has honed his massage skills, including Swedish massage, myofacial release, neuromuscular therapy, hydrotherapy, passive and active stretching, deep tissue massage, and many other areas of specialized bodywork.  He is one of the few massage therapists in Santa Fe that specializes in TMJS Massage (treating ​Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome). His skillful massage, combined with his empathy, ability to listen, and welcoming and accepting nature have allowed Pete to work with diverse people with a wide range of massage therapy needs. He can effect lasting change, whether you see him for improved relaxation or goal-oriented pain relief for issues stemming from a disability, an injury, or trauma.


Pete enjoys creating ongoing therapeutic relationships with his clients and places high value on regularly scheduled massages sessions, having seen the powerful benefits of this type of self-care with his long-term clients. Every session with Pete is unique to each client and the day’s needs for improved health and well-being.

Pete Gurulé

Owner & Lead Massage Therapist

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LMT #6190

Pete Gurule is a seventh generation Santa Fean who is a licensed massage therapist in New Mexico. He graduated from The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in 2008 (now called The Santa Fe School of Massage). The founder, Dr. Jay Scherer,  was described as having "a wonderful sense of humor, a generous spirit, and a kind heart. His compassion for those in pain or need was boundless." And, after giving a treatment he would joyfully say “If you do it right, it gives you energy.” It makes sense why Pete chose The Scherer Institute for his studies.

"Pete’s bodywork is fantastic. I stand straighter after a session and am more grounded in my body. I do advanced energy work and need Pete’s healing energy to keep me at the top of my game."


Santa Fe, NM

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