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Massage used to be treated as if it was reserved for the wealthy, a special treat, or something embraced by woo-woo alternative types. But the over-all consensus about massage is that it is so much more than relaxation and pampering.

We have learned that massage can assist as we heal from a wide variety of ailments (see a list of examples, below). Massage can be an alternative method of addressing some ailments or it can compliment other forms of treatment. And, massage can be preventative care, whether primary prevention (if you're healthy and looking to avoid illness), secondary prevention (stop the progress of a health issue and reverse the damage), and tertiary prevention (reduce complications from a health issue or avoid new issues from starting.)

Thankfully, health insurance companies are getting on board with supporting this method of health care and preventative care. We are excited to be one of the few massage therapy-focused businesses in town that accept CIGNA health insurance! And, as our business grows, we will be able to partner with more insurance companies.

Massage facilitates a body-mind-spirit balance, allowing the body to tap into its own recuperative powers. When you make massage a regular part of your health care, you will soon Resonate with Wellness.

Examples of Massage as Health Care & Preventative Care

  • Release tension

  • Alleviate pain

  • Lessen frequency & intensity of muscles spasms & cramps

  • Detox your lymph system (which strengthens your immune system)

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Improve your flexibility & range of motion

  • Recuperate over-worked muscles

  • Improve your circulation

  • Alleviate discomfort during pregnancy

  • Boost your energy levels & reduce fatigue

  • Improve your sleep

  • Relieve migraines

  • Sharpen concentration & focus

  • Increase productivity at work

  • Elevate your mood

  • Alleviate anxiety

  • Aid in recovery following surgery

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