Let's be like hollyhocks

There's no denying it - this year will go down as being one of the most difficult of our lives. We are experiencing a landmark event - a global pandemic that has severely impacted every person on the planet - physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, short temperedness, depression, guilt, apathy, poor sleep, low energy, poor diets, weakened immune system, changes in appetite, body pain, loss of short term memory, increased substance use/abuse - the list goes on. Those of us dealing with chronic issues have seen them get worse. And, when the usual trials of life happen, they seem to be exponentially more difficult to deal with. We've all struggled, in many ways and on multiple levels.

The year has been a roller coaster for Resonance Massage & Bodywork. We closed our doors in March. And we worried. How are our clients handling things? What does the future hold for our business? For my family? For my community? But, despite these plaguing thoughts, certain ideas held strong - our belief in the healing qualities of massage and in the resiliency of people. And, so despite our fear, we began to look toward the future, with hope and optimism. We decided to draw inspiration from the hollyhock - resilient and beautiful.

With the support of one of my closest friends, Alexis Brown, I used the time away from my passion-work to do the work so many businesses put on the back-burner - strategy. We got to acknowledge my accomplishments, which helped motivate me during the toughest times. We looked at what inspired me to start this path of healing 13 years ago and the meaning behind the name Resonance. I invite you to read about this here and here.

And, we began to look to where I want to go and how we might make it happen. As you can see, one of the things we worked on was creating a new logo and building a new website.

The Resonance Massage & Bodywork logo encapsulates the meaning of the name - a visual representation of a sound wave.

I want our website to do the same thing - be an extension of my work and commitment to my community. I want it to be where you can easily schedule appointments. But I also want it to tell my story, actively promote massage as preventative care, be a resource for our community, and a place for people to connect so we can all have the support we need on our personal path of wellness.

I invite you to check out our Partners page, where you can meet the medical professionals and wellness practitioners we proudly collaborate with, such as dental surgeon Dr. Devin Giron, doctor of oriental medicine George Mandel, dentist Melina Martinez, EMT Karena McLain, doctor of oriental medicine Katy Whitcomb of We the People, and Phyllis Ewton Houghton of Hummingbird Facial.

Two of my most important partners are massage therapists Lisa Kern and Dana Simmons. I am inspired by what they bring to the table. You can read their bios on the website, but the best way to get to know them is through their work, so I an encourage you to book appointments.

The site includes the protocols we have put in place to mitigate COVID-19. ​Despite massage therapy involving close contact, we returned to work in June. We know that massage therapy can be a vital tool in addressing the negative impacts of the pandemic and that healing touch by a caring therapist can be immensely helpful for those who have had to endure social isolation by themselves.​ We want everyone to be safe AND we want you to have access to the tools you need to be healthy and happy.

Be Resilient. Be Adaptable. Persevere. Grow.

Much as we all are, the website is a work in progress. I ask for your patience as we fine tune things. While we look for the best tool for you to book appointments, the current system is set up to take requests for appointments. Soon we will be able to schedule and pay on-line.

I also ask for your feedback. This website is for you. Your thoughts and ideas are important for us to hear so we can do what we can to provide a website that suits your needs. What would you like to see and what are you interested in learning about? Were there any issues or confusion when you visited the site? Do you have accolades or criticisms? I want to hear it all.

There is so much more to tell you and even more exciting things are in the works. I am so happy to have my community with me on this journey and that I can support you on your path of wellness. We are like the hollyhocks - beautiful, resilient and adaptable, persevering and standing strong, together.

Sending you health and joy,

Pete Gurule

Resonance Massage & Bodywork

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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