Reflexology draws from 5,000 year old traditions in Egypt and China. It is rooted in the idea that different areas of our body can have an effect on other areas, including our organs. There are over 200,000 nerve endings in the sole of each foot, which connect to multiple branches of the nervous system in our legs, including the sciatic nerve. This makes a direct link between the soles of our feet and our pelvis, lower back, and the spinal cord, which in turn connects to every other part of our body. When reflexology is combined with massage, your treatment can be more finely tuned to address a specific need.

Reflexology can give adverse effects and should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have localized skin conditions or swelling in hands or feet.

Firm but gentle pressure at specific points on the feet, as well as hands & ears

Reflexology at Resonance Massage Santa F


60-minute - $90

60-min Reflexology or

30-min Reflexology + 30-min Massage

90-minute - $135

30-min Reflexology + 60-min Massage


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Dana Simmons

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