Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is a good choice for those who are new to massage and those looking for a relaxing way to de-stress. This is also the massage we use to address post acute injury care following a recent accident or pain caused from an injury years ago, to help a client prepare for or recover from surgery, or to release toxins and aid the over active nerves following an emotionally traumatic experience.

Our therapists utilize a wide range modalities and techniques to ensure that they are giving you a treatment that addresses your health concerns and wellness goals. Massage is preventative care, helping you maintain health and well-being. And, integrating massage into your other health and wellness practices can enhance that work and speed up the healing process. 

If you are scheduling a massage to deal with a health issue, please first talk to your doctor to see how they can integrate massage into your health plan. 

Gentle touch & multiple modalities that release tension & ease pain


60-minute- $90

75-minute - $105

90-minute - $120

Home Comfort (at-home treatment) is additional $30.

Add a Bemer Session for $20.

 (Only available with Pete) 

Reflexology at Resonance Massage Santa F

Available Therapists

Pete Gurule

Lisa Kern

Dana Simmons

"While visiting Santa Fe on vacation, my wife and I decided to have a massage. We found Pete, and were able to make an appointment at the last minute. Very glad we did - it was a marvelous experience - great remedy for aches and pains and overall 'de-stress'."


Lyndora, PA

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